OJs Hairdressing has been established since the 1980s and has over 50 yrs experience behind its team. We have a team of fun, friendly & energetic hairdressers that strive to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our salon offers a range of services. Whatever your style Oj’s Hairdressing can help you achieve the look you want.

Blow Dry & Finishes From

Short $50.00
Med $60.00
Long $70.00

Mens Cuts From

Shampoo Cut $40.00
Clipper $25.00

Ladies Cuts From

Restyle $95.00
Shampoo Cut Finish $80.00
Shampoo Cut Dry Off $65.00
Shampoo Cut $55.00
Fringe $6.00

Bleaching From

Full Head Power Bleach & Toner $145.00


Balayage POA

Permanent Colour Retouch From

Short $80.00
Med. $85.00
Long $90.00
T Part $45.00
Colour balance $20.00

Semi Permanent Gloss From

Short $80.00
Med. $85.00
Long $90.00

Hair Relaxing Starting at

Keratin Treatment $250.00
X-tensoTreatment $210.00

Foils Half Head From

Short $100.00
Med $110.00
Long $120.00

Foils Full Head From

Short $130.00
Med. $145.00
Long $160.00

Colour correction

Colour correction P.O.A

Treatments From

Olplex $25.00
Charlcoal $20.00
Both $35.00


Perming from $180.00
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